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How to Track a Package Without a Tracking Number

Delivery confirmation is a service that the United States Postal Service, FedEx, UPS and other shippers offer. They provide a tracking number that consumers can use to track their packages or receive automated delivery notifications. A package without delivery confirmation cannot be tracked using those methods. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to locate a missing package.

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Insured Packages

Insured packages receive an insurance number similar to the tracking numbers provided by USPS. That insurance number is unique and can be used to locate a package.

Call the Post Office

Call the post office where you sent the package. Give the postal clerk a description of the package, the address it is going to and the sender’s address. The clerk will look to see if the package is currently at the post office.

Place Addresses Inside Parcel

Place your address and the recipient's address inside your package. Occasionally packages are damaged in shipping. If the addresses on the box are unreadable, your package may be undeliverable and nonreturnable. Placing identifying information inside the box will help ensure delivery.

Free Tracking

Delivery confirmation is free when purchasing priority mail service. When printed labels are placed on these packages they will automatically have a delivery confirmation number. However, if you hand address your package it will not have a confirmation number.

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How to Prepare and Mail Certified Letters

Sending a letter by certified mail through the U.S. Postal Service provides proof of mailing, online proof of delivery and — if requested — hard-copy proof of delivery. If you have no need to insure the contents of a letter but you require proof of delivery, including a signature of the person who accepts delivery, certified mail is the service you require.

Step 1
Place the letter or document that you intend to send into a suitable mailer. You may use a regular letter-size envelope, a manila envelope, or even a box if the size of your article warrants it. Add the address to which it should be delivered and your return address.

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Step 2
Obtain PS Form 3800, Certified Mail Receipt, and PS Form 3811, Domestic Return Receipt, free at any post office, or order them for free from the USPS website

Step 3
Enter in the lines on the right side of the PS 3800 the name and address of the business or person to which you are mailing the article.

Step 4
Complete PS Form 3811. Enter your name and address in the blank box on the front side of the form. If you want the receipt to go to someone other than yourself, enter that name and address instead.

Step 5
Write the name and address of the intended recipient in the section titled "Article Addressed To" on the back of the PS Form 3811. Put a check in the box that says "Certified" in the section titled "Service Type." Peel off the adhesive number-strip from the edge of the PS Form 3800 and stick it to the bottom of the PS Form 3811 in the section titled "Article Number."

Step 6
Tear off the right side of the PS Form 3800. Keep this part as your proof of mailing. The barcoded/numbered label from the PS Form 3800 is attached to the address side of your mailpiece. Peel off its adhesive backing and affix it to the top of your envelope or package, to the right of the return address. Peel off the adhesive strip from the green PS Form 3811 and affix it to the envelope. If you are mailing it in a regular business size envelope, attach the return receipt to the back side of the envelope. If you are using a large manila envelope or box, attach the return receipt to the front of the article if there is room.

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Step 7
Take your package to the post office. Present your package and your proof-of-mailing portion of the PS Form 3800. A Postal Service employee will calculate and affix the proper postage, date-stamp your proof of mailing portion of the PS 3800 and return it to you for your records

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Birthday Quotes For Father

129. “Hey, hey, hey. It’s your birthday!”

130. “Many birthdays come and go, but I will forever cherish your birthday.”

Happy Birthday Quotes For Friends

131. “I hope that this birthday will make you a little wiser, but we both know that won’t happen.”

132. “For your birthday, I wish that you would grow up and start paying me to be your sibling. I come at a price, you know.”

133. “Your birthday wish should be to send your little brother (me) on vacation.”

134. “Every day that you wake up and smell the fresh air is a good day. Happy birthday, buddy.”

135. “My brother, my buddy. I remember when you used to tell me that you’ll never grow old, but on your birthday, I want to tell you that you’re already going bald.”

136. “Another year filled with fun and adventure awaits my brother on this wonderful birthday.”

137. “I want to go out and have so much fun tonight with my brother on his birthday.”

138. “You may want a million things on your birthday, but I want you to have a day filled with love and happiness.”

139. “Tequila and a beer. That is what I will be saying tonight to the bartender that will help me get my brother drunk on his birthday.”

Happy Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend

140. “You just got a year older and a year wiser, but I am still smarter than you.”

141. “The new year just puts you ahead of the family as being the smarter and wiser brother.”

142. “A big present. A big hug. I’m not sure what I should give my brother on his birthday because he has given me everything.”

143. “There isn’t a birthday bash big enough to invite all of the people that you have touched in your life to celebrate your birthday.”

144. “Another year, another gray hair. One day, you will look as handsome as me, but not today. Not on your birthday.”

145. “We used to play superheroes as kids, but now, you are the one defying age and still as strong as superman.”

146. “Remember playing cops and robbers when we were younger? You used to always capture the bad guy (me), but it looks like I just stole another year of your life. Happy birthday.”

Happy Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

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Missing You Messages

1ly 1 Look.
1ly 1 Smile..
1ly 1 Voice...
1ly 1 Tuch....
1ly 1 Feeling.....
1ly 1 U......
1ly 1 My Small Heart Says I MISS U.......

kabhi kabhi..
tere yadoon ke lamhe...
kasam khuda ke bhut beqarar karte hain.

Happy Birthday Quotes For Him

1 rose means I LOVE YOU
1 ring means I MARRY U..
1 smile means I LIKE YOU..
1 SMS From me

Never say go far from me, which pains more than leaving you... miss you

wen time is fast
wen moments r hard
wen ever1 is busy
wen seconds r few
my sms comes 2 say 1 word
miss u dear

<) I (> Miss you much.............

those we love never go away
they walk beside us everyday...
still near..
still loved..
still Missed..
still very dear..

When daylight turns to a darkened hue,
The lovely stars hinting at u,
ur heart beat tells u something true,
That some 1 badly missing you

Ajeeb Lagti Hai Sham Kabhi Kabhi,
Zindagi Lagti Hai Bejan Kabhi Kabhi,
Samajh Aaye to Hame Bhi Batana,
Kyon Karti Hai Yaden Pareshan Kabhi Kabhi.

I MISS YOU in every beats of heart,
In every blink of my eyes,
In every second of Time and...
In every moment of the Day !

It's hard to say hello because it might be goodbye. It's hard to say I'm okay because sometimes I'm not. But it's easy to say I miss you coz I know that I really do.

Every tear is a sign of commitment
Every silence is a sign of compromise
Every smile is a sign of attachment
Every sms is a sign of rememberance
Miss you

Do u know, what I say, what I think, what i feel, what I wish, U want to know? I MISS U SO MUCH.

Chala ja sms tu bankey gulab ! Hogi sachi dosti to ayega jawab! Ager na aye jawab to mat hona udas Samajh lena K hamarey liye waqat nai hai unkey pass.

Ansuo Se Palak Bhigo Leta Hoon
Yaad Teri Ati hain To Ro Leta Hoon
Socha ke Bhoola Du Tujhey Mager
Har baar Faisla Badal Deta Hu

good morning wishes for him

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Missing You Messages

Never Thought.....
it would be so hard
staying away from U
i keep thinking of 'us'
Together again!
I Miss U!

Bekaar hai woh log jo apne lover ko miss karte hai,
Arey miss karna hai to machcharo ko miss karo,
Jo apne jaan per khel kar tumko KISS karte hai

Happy Birthday Quotes For Her

I am not sure what life could bring I am not sure if dreams come true i m not sure what love can do but i m very sure about one thing "I Miss U"

the best feeling in d world is ven u think dat ur frnd forgot u & suddenly u receive a message from ur frnd saying - I just missed you!

They learned me that one hours equals 60 minutes and that one minute equals 60 seconds, but they never told me that one second without you can last for ever

Miss Meeeena!
Miss Meeeena!!
Miss Meeena? :@:@:@
Miss Meeena!


now u r thinking who is Miss Meeena?

I m jst asking u that U Miss Me Na?

Meri yad k bavarchi khane me tere nam ka chulha jalta he teri yad k chaval pakte hen mera roz pateela jalta he . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Will u smile if I ask u to? Will u come if I call u? Will u understand if i m unable to express? Will u add a "TOO" if i say I MISS U?

Ths msg is from hum 2 Tum That HUM is Missing TUM vry much n Widout Tm Hum is vry Lonely So TUM never go Far frm HUM otherwise HUM will mis TUM a l0t.

Me ne Dil Ko Lakh Samjhaya K E Dil Unko Yaad Karna Chod De
Par Dil Ke Har Kone Se Awaz Aai,
Yahan To Har Sanss Main Who Base Hai
To Kya Sanss Lena Chod De.

Our life is long Time..!
We meet for short Time..!
You will be in my heart at any Time..!
My Sweet friend..!
I'm missing U dis time

Tumse dur rehkar tumhe miss kiya humne,
Tumhare liye “God” se wish kiya humne,
Tumhari yaad chupke se chali aayi toh,
Toh bade pyaar se SmS kiya humne.

Har insan ki alag pehechan hoti hai
Magar hamary msg ki alag shan hoti hai
Har kisi ko nahi kartey hum msg
Magar jis ko kartey hain uss main hamari jaan hoti hai.

Phool - Khushbu k liyee
Pyaar - Nibhaney k liyee
Ankheen - Dil Churaney k liyee
Aur yeh message - Aap ko meri Yaad dilaney k liyee.
Missing U alot

Dil ki halat kisi se kahi nahi jati,
Dil ki halat aab humse sahi nahi jati,
Tadapti toh hogi woh bhi meri tarha,
Warna yoon kisi ki yaad har pal nhi aati.

Kab tak khud ko rok payegi,
Bina mere woh na reh payegi.
Main bas junga uski yaado mein iss tarah,
Ki phir woh doosro ko yaad karna bhool jayegi.

Pani ka 1 katra aankh se gira abhi,
Kya tumne mujhko yaad kiya abhi,
Tujhse mile zamana hua magar,
yun laga koi mujhse mil k gaya abhi

I just want to grab you then hug you & tell you I've missed you.

when the looks blue
when the dreams come true
when the flowers covered with dew
when the day comes new

"(",)/' Oye Kitthe
' <)) HO
' ./?
' "
(.") pata kinna
<((> miss kitta
./ l. tennu???
' ' ' ' ' ' ' <))
. . . . . . . ./.> SAARA

Make me whole again in oneness.
I just want to be close to you.
I miss your touch and your kiss.
I miss our fun times together.
I miss our quiet talks.
I simply miss you!

I may not say it always sweety- but your absence makes me miss you so high. Love you always!

There's this place in me where your finger prints still rest.
Your kisses still linger and your whispers softly echo.
It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me!

People live, people die;
People laugh, people cry;
Some give up, some will try;
Some say Hi, some say Bye;
Others may forget you but never will I!

Knowing a sweet person like U, has made me happy in a thousand ways;
And if ever I have to let U go, I'll find a thousand reasons to make U stay.
I Miss You at all times!

Small things that mean a lot: sweet sms, tight hugs, holding hands,
romantic conversations over the phone, fun times, quiet talks,
remembering the little things Missing you a lot...

I wanna wrap you up;
I wanna kiss your lips;
I wanna make you feel wanted;
I wanna call you mine;
I wanna hold you forever.

Out of the 24 hours of the Day.
8 hours are for working;
8 hours for sleeping;
1 hour for eating;
1 hour for exercise;
And 6 hours for other activities.
But all the 24 hours, I miss you at all times!

Miles and smiles are made from the same letters but a smile on your face keeps me happy even though I am miles away from you.
Miss you, honey!

I miss you.
Every Moment. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day. Every Week. Every Month. Every Year. Every Decade.
Every Centenary. Oh ho! I think I got carried away.
The truth is I miss you all the time!

I have learnt:
How to love, kiss and care for you;
How to be happy, wise and contented;
How to be strong, honest and faithful;
How to forgive, forget and make up;
But I could never learn as to how to stop missing you!

Messaging is fine;
Calling is okay;
But being with you is the best I Feel.
Missing you Too Much Sweety!

I heard someone whisper your cute name, but when I turned around to see who it was, I noticed I was alone. Then I guessed, it was my heart telling me that I miss you!

If I never met you, I wouldn't like you.
If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you.
If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you.
But I did, I do, and I will.

Some songs can make you cry;
When you hear them;
Actually it is not the songs;
It's the people behind the memories.

The most elastic element of the world is TIME.
It maximizes the minutes when we are missing someone special;
And minimises the hours when we are with someone special.
Missing you!

I miss my childhood;
I miss my school Days.
I miss my school friends;
I miss those beautiful vacation;
I miss golden moments of my Life
But most of all, I miss you Darling!

One of the best feeling in the world is knowing your presence and absence both mean something to someone!
Miss you, Babe!

With you around:
I smile a little more often;
I get angry a lot less times;
The sun shines a little brighter;
And life is a lot sweeter!
I cherish your companionship and I miss you!

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